V4 & PesText partnership


As part of the 2022 PesText Festival a program titled “Resilience: cooperation, new solutions and practices in the V4 literary community” was funded by the Visegrad Fund.


The experience of literary event organizers and promoters in the V4-region has shown that workers in the international arena have to resort to new tools and solutions in the pandemic period. In our project, we are exploring the components of successful adaptation to changing circumstances (resilience). We are initiating closer cooperation and dialogue with our V4 partners, collecting professional good practices, using both face-to-face and online tools.


The project is aimed at confirming cultural bridges and real long-term partnerships across the V4-region with contemporary book culture and illustration in the spotlight.The socio-political and cultural issues raised by the contemporary writers of V4 mirror and reflect each other. They address the actual problems of today in the V4-region (national and European values, freedom of speech, migration, sustainability, creating allies vs enemies), all of which presented on one international platform will strengthen the awareness of common identity of the V4 region on both local and international level.


Our project presents events where the literary program directly reaches local citizens showing the natural interconnectedness of the values, history and culture of V4-countries. Given the periodic closures of the last period and the need to mitigate the effects of the closure, it is especially important that these events can take place in uncertain circumstances.


Our successful 2022 events were:

3rd edition of V4 Borders & Bridges Festival: PesText Festival 2022: International Literary Platform, presentation of V4 authors to public, panel discussions and related festival programs

V4 Workshops in PesText Borders&Bridges Festival

Touring of the V4 Book Illustration Exhibition in Poland

Job shadowing activities



Our partners:

“Kontroll V” Nemzetközi Kulturális Egyesülete 

National Ossolinski Institute (Zaklad Narodowy im. Ossolinskich), (PL)

Fiatal Írók Szövetsége – Association of Young Writers

BRaK Bratislava Book Festival


Vetrne Mlyny