V4 & PesText partnership


As part of the 2024-2025 PesText Festival a program titled „V4 BORDERS AND BRIDGES LITERARY FESTIVAL: Enhancing cultural dialogue across the V4 region” was funded by the Visegrad Fund.

The project is aimed at building cultural bridges and real long-term partnerships across the V4 region with contemporary book culture in the spotlight, increase awareness of cultural diversity and cross-border intercultural dialogue. Our main theme is raising the awareness of the artistic and socio-cultural values that are represented by the book culture of the V4 region; the importance of book translations, their culture – to – culture connecting power. We are convinced that literature and art are excellent tools for supporting dialogue. Although there are a number of already existing and well-based mutual collaborations among young writers, translators, and literary institutions in the region, there is still a great need for a bigger transparency, and interoperability, the need to strengthen the existing mutual relationships and build new ones, as well as interconnecting the literary life of the V4 countries on a more complex, structural level.

 Our focus in this period is on the transmissibility of culture, the book as a medium, object, and illustration. The experience of recent years shows that the role and importance of visual representation in intercultural communication has increased. We believe that introducing them in workshops and public events strengthens V4 identity and cross-over activities. From the very beginning, the main focus of the festival has been on literary translation as a means of understanding each other. What is unique is that the festival event is also a space for personal presence, a live word, a dialogue, a forum, a public space, a space for discussing current issues. The innovative approach of our project lies also in the purposeful organisation of the main project events on 3 different levels: 1, V4 Text-Text connection: enhancing dialogue among different V4 authors, face-to-face, in form of international literary platform, round table debates, and literary translation workshops. 2, V4 Image-Image connection: enhancing dialogue among different V4 illustrators,face-to-face in form of V4 illustration workshop 3, V4 Text-Image connection: enhancing dialogue among Hungarian authors (writers and poets) and V4 illustrators (Czech, Polish and Slovak), in form of creation of V4 FANZINE in which the authors and illustrators will work on the same theme (the key word of the 2024/2025 Borders and Bridges Festival) and thus have a chance to compare and contrast their viewpoints.

Our planned 2024/2025 events:

Creation and Presentation of V4 PesText Fanzine

 V4 Partners Brunch: Connection, Budapest

Talk to Your Neighbor: Introducing an Outstanding V4 Author to Hungarian Readers,  Budapest

V4 Literary Illustration Workshop, Budapest

 V4 Roundtable Debate in Szeged,  Szeged

 International Literary Platform, Budapest

V4 Literary Translation Workshop


Our partners:

ARTeria Foundation (PL)

BRaK Bratislava Book Festival

Csirimojó Cultural Association 

Deák17 Youth Art Gallery (HU)

Három Holló Café and Cultural Centre (HU)

HUBBY – Hungarian Board on Books for Young People (HU)

National Ossolinski Institute (Zaklad Narodowy im. Ossolinskich), (PL)

Tilia Cultural Agency


Vetrne Mlyny